The Snowden Jig
5 Time BASS Master Classic Qualifer and 2010 Toyota Texas Bass Classic Champion Brian Snowden, has helped develop an amazing jig.. This jig has so much going on, it just may replace every jig in your Box..

Each feature is amazing !!! Where should we start???

The Head Design: The angle on the nose of this jig allows it to come through cover smooth as silk and in conjuction with the hydrodynamic top and sides it swims unbelievably!..

Then you have the flat bottom that when the jig is fished on the bottom, it rests at just the right angle to attract fish and work through the toughest of rocks...

Now, let's not forget the angle between the nose and the bottom... when the jig is at rest, slightly move your rod tip and WOW! the jig rocks allowing you to give your bait strike triggering action and never move it away from the sweet spot!!!!...

The Hook: This hook angle was a must for Brian.. it is a Custom PigSticker Bend to give you the optimum fish penetrating force..

Trailer Keeper: With the double barb design,whether you are skipping, pitching, stroking, or making long casts, you dont have to worry about your trailor slipping down the hook

With this head design and this custom hook you're sure to increase hook ups and wins!!

Available in 3/8 and 1/2, click skirt color below to order..2 Jigs Per Pack

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