Based on the principles of the Carolina rig but all the advantage of a jig...

This new bait will revolutionize deep water fishing!!!!

If you have ever fished a Carolina rig you know how easily they hang up and what a pain to re-tie.

What we at Pig Sticker Bait Co. have done is create a football head connected to a hook through a split ring.

Why the split ring?

#1 It allows you to have a soft plastic that will move in any direction like a Carolina rig but the hook setting power and reliability of a jig!!

#2 It allows you to change the hook out quickly and easily based on the soft plastic you want to use.

#3 The bulk of the weight is not fixed to the hook resulting in less leverage for the fish to tear holes in their mouths to throw the bait.

These baits come 2 per package

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